How much should I budget for my wedding photography?

This is a great question and one that we are always delighted to answer, because it let us show you the 'whole picture'. In short, we recommend that you invest around the 20% of your wedding budget in photography, because your wedding photographs are the testimony of everything you choose and buy for your wedding:  dress, location, catering, decorations … 

Of course different weddings have different budgets, but really you should allow between 10-20% of everything you spend to photography, so that it can be recorded and committed to memory properly.
We think that you should see photography as a way of adding value to all of your money, time, effort and care that went into your wedding, not just as a separate expense unrelated to the style and budget of your wedding. For example, if you are spending £1000 on flowers and decorations, you want to make sure that you have around £100 budgeted for photography so you could print and frame few photographs of your bouquet or details; and if you have 200 rather than 20 guests you will need many more photographs …
We all know that is easier to stretch your budget to buy something when you can actually see it in front of your eyes (a wonderful pair of shoes, a bigger cake, special favours…) but remember that although you cannot see your wedding pictures until AFTER the wedding, that's all you will see after!
For example, you may choose a location that is more expensive of another because you fell in love with something in particular… the lighting, the atmosphere, some features… without the right photographs that showcase just THOSE details, the extra money will be somehow lost. 
Or think that brides spend thousands on the dress of their dreams, shoes, accessories and a professional make-up… you really want the photography to show that, receiving a service that not only records the most important moments of your wedding day, but capture all of these details and puts lots of care and time in the post production, as much as you put into the planning of your wedding!
We believe that wedding photographs are very important in every family's history, creating a unique visual memory, like a little treasured archive.  You will be showing them to some of the most important people in your life that cannot be present at your wedding… like your children and your grandchildren…  so that's why we think that cutting corners on photography it's not the best idea…
your photographs really are forever!

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