Why should I have an engagement photo shoot?

Well, you shouldn't have an engagement photo shoot, but if you do… it's magic! Lets's see why:
1. it's a way of celebrating your love and you as a couple that it's really about you and nothing else. Your wedding will need to accommodate for lots of other needs: friends and family, money, timing, location… your engagement shoot it is only and totally about you…
2. It's a unique opportunity to do something truly special, be creative, adventurous, connect with your loved one at a very deep and intimate level to bring to light a side of your relationship that is what you really are celebrating by getting married. Don't follow the trends, indulge in a photographic session that is all about what makes you unique as a couple, and your dreams and aspirations.
3. You get amazing photographs and you can use them in the time leading up to the wedding: share them with family and friends, use them in your invite, show them printed off at your wedding… everyone will love to see you in this new light!
4. It's the best way to get to know your photographer! By the time of your wedding day, you will have worked creatively together to capture a side of you truly unique. You will feel very relaxed in front of the camera and have complete trust and your photographer will really know what to capture during your wedding day!

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