Wedding destination at Villa Lucia near Lucca, Tuscany

Probably we already said in this blog many times how amazingly beautiful Villa Lucia and Villa Michaela are...

Nested between the hills outside Lucca, they are jussplendid in many regards, from the features inside the villas to their gardens, the chapel, the ivy that covers Villa Michaela and the palm trees, Villa Lucia's classic italian walkway of cypress... They are just the perfect Wedding destination venues in Tuscany and we could go on forever, and the true is that they are very special to us!
This is the wedding of Elvira and James, celebrated in late July.
It was a beautiful example of class and understated elegance, making use of both Villas and punctuated by some Italian touches: the opera singers, some food classic, and the magic atmosphere of a dinner between the olive trees, in a perfect warm italian summer night.

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  1. Hi, I just want tot say that all of these images are looking fantastic thanks for the sharing.