Anna & Vincent - wedding photo booth with white frames

The Photo Booth at the wedding of Anna & Vincent was made during the aperitif buffet.
After the ceremony, the wedding guests were offered drinks and (amazing) italian finger before dinner, while being entertained by a live band playing and, of course, our photo booth photographic set! Anna asked us to buy a variety of frames of different styles and sizes that were then painted all-white. The idea was to frame one another and have fun playing with different sizes and scales, to create fun versions f the family portraits. One particular little girl really enjoyed herself .... And many thanks to Anna & Vincent for donating the frame to us afterwards, we are sure that this gift will be appreciated by many of our future couples!


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  2. Polaroid photo booth and beverages stand is amazing. I just copied some of photographs and would like to implement these things in my wedding. We have booked one of popular wedding venues NYC and want it to be a memorable affair for all.