Italian Passion - Ideas for a Rustic Wedding in Tuscany

Ever wondered how to put together all the ingredients that says "Rustic Italian Wedding" to make your destination wedding romantic, simple and elegant at the same time? Here you are!
Keep reading for more details of venue and inspiring ideas!

First of all, the right venue: we shot this wedding inspiration at the Fattoria di Maiano in Fiesole, just minutes from Florence historical centre. Just below the castle of Maiano, the restored farmhouse boast a charming restaurant, luxurious apartments with swimming pool, a real farm with animals and fresh vegetables and of course its own vineyard.

Second, the wedding colour palette had to be bold and passionate, so we choose the colours of the Italian flag: white, green and red. Red for passion, white for tradition and summer, and finally green for the aromatics herbs: sage, rosemary, basil.
The bride was stunning in a lace siren wedding dress with short tail and red polka-dot vintage shoes. And the bride bouquet was made of small roses, bind simply by a bow.

And third... the food! Local wine should be served at the wedding, while artisanal produced pasta could be given to guests as favours, together with simple but delicious italian recipes. The wedding lunch could start with Italian cheeses presented stacked on one another, like in a wedding cheese cake, for a real tuscany rustic experience.

Wedding Planner: Costanza Giaconi | Floral Design: Franci's Flowers Wedding design | Stationery: Francesca Pulitano| Hair & Makeup: Ilaria Borgioli  | Hair Accessories: Ruby & Frost | Photography & Video: Innocenti Studio | Tuxedo: El Corte Inglés | Venue: Fattoria di Maiano  | Jewelry: Prada 


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