Wedding in Santa Maria Novella Church, Florence - Diana & Tommaso

Diana and Tommaso, one of the most laid-back couple we've ever met, celebrated their wedding in the historical centre of Florence, in the stunning Church of Santa Maria Novella, on a sunny day in April.
The Church of Santa Maria Novella is right in the centre of Florence, and it is one of the most beautiful Church in Tuscany, and home to the famous wooden crucifix of Giotto.
Their ceremony has been very touching, and all the day has been characterized by a perfect mix of Italian and Spanish culture completed by the romanic and sensual notes of Spanish Flamenco. The reception was at at a Villa near Fiesole, with stunning views of the Tuscany landscape. Diana & Tommaso wedding has been definitely full of unexpected events, but the most important ingredient for a perfect wedding is love and they really do love each other. We wish them all the best!

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  1. Hello, a real fabulous place!!!
    Thank you for the post, and really beautiful pictures, compliments!