Understated elegance at Villa la Serra, Carmignano - Caterina & Massimiliano Wedding

Saturday the 3rd of March, accompanied by an early spring, Caterina & Massimiliano got married with some unconventional touches.
Villa la Serra is nested between the hills of Carmignano, with some breathtaking views and an atmosphere of intimacy and simple and understated elegance that reminds more of a big family house in Provence than a traditional Tuscany Villa.
They changed into their wedding outfits in a room in the Villa La Serra before seeing each other for the first time in the garden just outside, between olive trees and just before the sunset. They then drove together to the council of Carmignano where the ceremony took place and back to Villa la Serra for a buffet dinner that included wood-fire oven pizzas and some funny tasks set by their friends.

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