Wedding full of Art in Florence - Kira & Damien

The wedding of Kira & Damien was totally stunning, managing to capture the whole atmosphere of Florence bringing together its two essences: the heart of the City of Arts per excellence
surrounded by the beauty of the Tuscan landscape... we were totally speechless...
The photography of this wedding was made by the Innocenti Studio 'dream team' with Esther flying all the way from London and Emma as usual coordinating things in town. The story and the origin itself of the Innocenti Studio were always closely entwined between Esther & Emma of course but this was the first chance to actually be shoulder-to-shoulder on a wedding ... it was very exciting!
And then we walked up the stairs of the flat that Kira shared with various artists and our jaws drop...
it was the beginning of a very special and beautiful day ... we think that the photographs speak for themselves!

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  1. Love it!! Thank you again for those beautiful photos!! :-)