Wedding Film - Innocenti presents our "Short & Sweet" option for a wedding movie to remember

Caterina & Massimiliano - Wedding video highlight from Innocenti Films on Vimeo.
We believe that less is more, especially when it comes to video!

How many of you are dreading the moment your friends sit you down and make you watch a half-an-hour video of their wedding? 
Or how many have a long video of their own wedding and never find the time and energy to watch it again? And finally, how many just want to avoid this issue and just plainly opt for a no-video wedding?
Well, for us the core of the story is that a good video needs to respect all the cinematographic rules that applies to feature films and music videos. And that means only one thing.... Planning, cut, cut and cut some more!
The first step of a bride towards the altar is more than enough to paint the whole picture, and a gesture, a look, a tear, a hug are better at showing the emotions of your day than the full conversations and greetings you had with your guests.
Even without a formal education in cinematography, we all have a high level of expertise in movie, and we can tell the difference between a good and a bad film at the first glance. Good films have a good music score, great visual look and and tell their story without stating the obvious and being repetitive or redundant. See for yourself with our Wedding film of Caterina & Massimiliano .... 

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