Summer Wedding Outdoor, San Miniato

Dario & Serena wedding is a bit of a special one for me… first of all, they are true friends so I couldn't really think about the photography straight.
Second, I have been somehow following all the preparations in e-mail and blogs loops and wasn't told some other things, so I would be as surprised as the other guests. Possibly the most remarkable thing was the involvement of the many amazing friends that Dario & Serena have (and truly deserve!). The speeches, so many and totally heartbreaking, delivered directly during the rituals. The religious ceremony itself was held outdoor, a remarkable achievement of a very committed priest. 
The flowers and the decorations at the ceremony where hand-made by two friends of Serena. And other two friends took care of the name card, table arrangements and picked fresh flower on the day to dress the venue for the reception. Picnic blankets waited for the guests, with baskets full of cold champagne a canapé. Chinese lanterns were released into the summer sky at night, and everyone danced barefoot till almost dawn…
Serena commissioned a bespoken wedding dress that let her 'spread her wings' and Dario wore a super elegant tuxedo. The hippy touches were all in the hair, I guess, and it turned out to be a beautiful, harmonious, moving a very personal love affair!

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